Ethnic wear!

1. Long versus short kurtas

The secret to looking good in ethnic wear lies with you. Depending on your level of comfort and the type of place you’re going to wear it at, the long versus short question has a pretty simple answer.


2. Nehru jackets versus shawls

While the Nehru jacket is versatile to the point where it can be worn with semi casuals, shawls are more rigid as they only suit a certain type of ethnic formal attire.


Lesson learnt: Shawls only look good if you are sporting traditional Bengali or Kashmiri attire. If you are Thakur from Sholay, the shawl justification fits.



3. Wearing ethnic wear at work?

First and foremost, find out if your workplace has a strict dress code. If it doesn’t, wearing a mix of western and ethnic wear is always a good idea. For example, a short kurta paired with jeans or a T shirt paired with harem pants or jodhpurs.


4. What are churidars and salwars?

If you thought skinny jeans are a new thing, churidars have been in that league way before them. You can consider churidars as a type of skinny pyjamas. The churis or creases formed around the knees and ankles is where this lower garment gets its name!


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